High Tide

Artists: Aphidoidea
Fabricator: Southern Custom Iron & Art
15ft high x 19ft wide x 10ft deep
Client: WREI’s Water Tower Commons,
1001 W Lantana Rd., Lantana, FL

Inspired by the expression “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.” The High Tide sculpture is a tribute to the vitality of the Town of Lantana’s Water Tower Commons community.

Sited in the island of the main entrance for the Water Tower Commons community it greets residents and welcomes visitors to the 36 acre mixed-use development project.

The customized site specific sculpture is fabricated with stainless and carbon steel pipes cemented in a foundation and colored powder coated perforated aluminum panels attached to sculptures square tubing framework.

The Family Sculpture

Artists: Laurence Gartel and Rolando Chang Barrero
Fabricator: EES Design Studio
Client: Opportunity Early Childhood Education & Family Center, West Palm Beach, FL.

The sculpture serves as a symbol for all diversities and encourages young children to interact with it.
The laser die cut aluminum silhouette of family with playful birds is welded to a structured base. The artwork is powder coated in black with 4 color imagery printed on vinyl and adhered to front and back of sculpture. Sculpture is installed permitted for wind load requirements to a concrete foundation.


Artist: Jennings
Fabricator: EES Design Studio
7’ laser cut, customed rolled and welded stainless steel painted in a reflective changing whitish color.

Fine Art Collection Management

Auction was held April 6th 2022

Market Auction

Art Moves You facilitates tour of Wynwood Murals for local art students.

March 2022 twenty students from Dillard Center for the Arts in Fort Lauderdale and their teachers were transported through the streets of Wynwood to take a tour of Wynwood Murals. The group enjoyed the docent led narrated tour in golf cart style Wynwood Buggies to view the murals throughout Wynwood and a special tour of Wynwood Walls.

This tour was arranged by Art Moves You, Debby Coles-Dobay, funded by Jennings’ Art Works and facilitated by Wynwood Buggies company owner, Christian Romero and Wynwood Mural Fest, co-founders Glayson Leroy and Stephanie Kassoy.

Most important is that this opportunity awarded positive influences for the Dillard Students art studies and art careers. The Wynwood Murals feature a range of artistic styles such as graffiti, muralism, post-graffism, stencils, typography, realism, paste-ups, stickers, pop, 3D, portraits, sculptures, and contemporary modern art.

Dillard Center for the Arts teacher, Mr Joseph said, “My students and I were excited and grateful to participate in this program because we traditionally travel to Wynwood during Miami Art week yearly to view the wonderful creations of artists from around the world.” Because of COVID restrictions, this year the

Centennial Sculpture for the Town of Lantana 2021

Bicentennial Park
321 E. Ocean Ave., Lantana

Southern Custom Iron and Art,
Van Linda Iron Works, Inc.
Art Moves You.

The sculpture features nautical elements that depict the history and character of the Town of Lantana memorializing its Centennial Anniversary.

Stainless, aluminum, powder coating, LED lighting, formed and stained cement.

20ft High x 30ft Diameter

Art in Motion” digital publication about Kinetic and Interactive Art around the world published on Twenty foremost kinetic artists, curators, academicians and museum directors from the United States, China, Switzerland, Romania, Great Britain, France, and Canada share their essays that showcase international contemporary Kinetic and Interactive Public Art. This second volume is co-authored by Debby Coles-Dobay, international kinetic art expert and curator, and Ralfonso, master designer of monumental kinetic sculptures for public places and President of Kinetic Art Organization.

Artwork Advocacy

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